LottoGenius is the first web-based lottery wheeling software – a powerful tool that assists you in choosing and combining numbers in the most effective manner. It's easy and fun to use, making it suitable for both beginner and experienced lottery players.

How to win a lottery jackpot?

There are several methods that can improve the odds of winning and can guarantee smaller or bigger wins, depending on your investment.

In brief, there are two ways of playing a lottery:

  • • Random play.
  • • Playing lottery wheels.
Random play

In random play, your numbers are isolated from each other. While technically buying more tickets increases your chances of winning, purchasing as many tickets as possible is likely not a good idea. The probability of winning remains exceedingly low. This approach is inefficient and clearly expensive.

Lottery wheel

A lottery wheel eliminates the isolation of playing numbers. Instead, by arranging the numbers in a specific manner, it enables your numbers to collaborate as a team. If the winning numbers are among the group of numbers you're playing, you are guaranteed to have a prize-winning combination in your bets—100% guaranteed.