LottoGenius is the web based lottery wheeling software.

A lottery wheel consists of number of combinations (games) that acts as a "single ticket" allowing you to play with a larger set of numbers. A wheel mathematically guarantees that the very least you will have one winning ticket provided that the winning numbers fall in the group of your numbers. Since wheels usually aim at lower prizes, lotto players use them to keep on winning smaller amounts and reinvesting the proceeds in new tickets.

LottoGenius Design

LottoGenius Design tool allows you to search through hundreds of pre-designed and optimized wheels and use them to play pick-5, pick-6 or pick-7 lottery. Every wheel comes with a detailed prizes breakdown showing your potential winnings depending on how many numbers from the group of numbers you played appear in the winning combination.

Simply select your lottery, the amount of games (lines) you wish to purchase and your prize target.

LottoGenius Toolbox

LottoGenius Toolbox allows you to create a custom made lottery wheel. It supports lotteries from pick-3 to pick-9 with the number of balls ranging from 4 to 99. In addition to guarantee, the Toolbox also allows you to apply many different kinds of filters that will filter-out combinations of your choice. For example, combinations with all big even or odd numbers, combinations with repeating digits, etc.

If filters are used, the guarantee is valid only if the winning combination can pass through the filters you have set up.